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The Process of Customs Clearance

The process of customs clearance undoubtedly concerns everyone who buys a car from UAE. If you’ve made a decision to buy a car in UAE, then this chapter is for you.

In each country there are their own peculiar rules concerning customs clearance and custom tariffs. Consequently in each region the cost of customs clearance may vary.

Customs clearance includes: customs duties, payment for warehouse of temporary storage, VAT payments and even sometimes excise duties (in case if the engine of your car exceeds the stated limits). For Clearance of your car you must submit the original of invoice, export certificate (is given in Police office of Dubai and is kept inside the car all the way), passport and residential registration supported by documents. In some countries you might be asked to provide also Export Declaration and Certificate of Origin, in this case you should inform us in advance. The procedure of custom clearance itself takes normally 1-2 days.

Of course you can manage to cope with all this on your own but it is better to entrust it to the experienced customs brokers that are usually located first-hand in port cities. You can consult few brokers in advance and they would suggest you more profitable models of the car. We advise you to deal with brokers that can be found straight forward beside ports, because their experience is by all means bigger than those who are located far from port cities.

In all cases you are the one who makes a choice and we can only recommend you few reliable customs broker companies.

LLC DF «ВТС-Broker» 
Shmagin Alexey 
Tel: +7 9275696514 

Tel :(8617) 308-090

ООО Verossa-VED 
Customs clearance department: 
Tel: (+7 423) 230-24-30 
Andrey Rubtsov ( 
Stepochkina Kristina ( 
Shvydkaya Yulia ( 
Nemchina Natalia (

ТОО «Kaz West Trans» 
Aktau city, 3 «B» microrayon, building 16, office 201 
Tel: +7 (7292) 60-99-48 

MOBILE: +77772688800