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Frequently Asked Questions

Prices posted on our website are the prices on terms of EX Dubai. These are the prices of the cars at warehouse in Dubai UAE. The price does NOT include loading into container, delivery to the port and customs clearance. The cost of the delivery is mentioned separately and is stipulated in a contract. Custom clearance should be carried out by Buyer himself.

Of course there are! All cars compliant with international standards. Depending on the specification of a car there is either heater with air conditioning or climate control with wide range of temperature.

No. There are no any automobile factories or assemblage departments in UAE. We sell cars manufactured and assembled in Japan, Korea, Australia, Thailand and USA. It depends on a model of a car.

No. We do not provide service for export cars. You can place a car under service contract in any dealer’s center in your town at additional charge.

– contract ( is given by seller) 
– export certificate ( is given by road and transport authority of UAE) 
– Commercial invoice ( is given by a seller) 
And in case of container transportation: 
– Bill of lading (is given by a shipper and contains information about container and vessel) 
– Export declaration (is given by customs of UAE) 
All these documents are registered under the name of buyer and contain detailed information about the owner and the car. 

– if you have chosen container transportation, you can track your shipment online by container or bill of lading numbers on website if a shipping company or you can contact a number given in bill of lading. 
– if the delivery is by ferry craft ( Astrakhan or Aktau) information about vessel name, estimated date of delivery and contacts of agents will be given in advance 3-5 days prior to arrival. 
-if the delivery is by railway information about wagon, estimated date of delivery and contacts of agents will be given in advance 10-15 days prior to arrival, after the car will be loaded into a wagon is Saraks city.

Yes, you can. But you should issue a notarized power of attorney.

Yes, you can do it if the car is still in UAE, but the presence of previous owner might be requested by RTA of emirates. Attention! You can not re-issue registration if you car has already left the territory of UAE.

To register a car for an individual person we will need a copy of international passport. To register a car for legal entity a copy of certificate of State Registration will be required.

It takes around 3 days.

Transit duration can vary from 7 to 40 days, it depends on the region and way of transportation. 
Transit time can also be changed due to weather conditions and other force-majeure situations (public holidays, strikes, natural disasters). All the details you can read in the section “Delivery”. 

Our company bears all responsibilities, this is stipulated in contract. To remedy for losses you should examine thoroughly the car and in case any damage is found you should draw up an act certified by a signature of transport agent and by a stamp of port or warehouse of temporary storage. After this you should estimate cost of damage in any garage. These documents should be sent to us by e-mail without delay. 

If all the required documents are provided to us, we pay you compensation for damages. At additional charge we can insure your car.

In each country there are different custom limits of cash import and export, whereas in UAE there are no any limits. Of course you can bring cash with you, but for reasons of safety we advise you to use traveler’s checks or bank telex transaction.

It is necessary to print a copy of a contract and submit it to any bank. In proforma invoice that is attached to a contract contains all information required for bank telex transaction: account details of our company, amount to be paid, and description of payment purpose. You should also pay bank fees, the amount of fees you can check with your bank. In confirmation of transaction bank will give you transfer order then you should send a copy of this transfer order by e-mail.

If you do not find the answer to your question please write to our e-mail here or ask a new question using the form